Submitting to Creative Energy to allow a work of art to create its own image means giving up control. For me this means allowing the materials to use my hands and my eyes to direct me in every movement, regardless of what I've been taught, or assumed from my own experiences. It requires quieting of the critical mind, resisting the urge to "make" it into something I recognize, not caring how others will perceive it, not worrying if it will be "marketable." When I can let go of all control and enter into a meditative state, I get to watch the piece evolve into something I never could have thought of on my own. It tells me when it is finished and ready to share with those who will have their own experience while looking at it and who will see things that I never saw until they share their experience with me. And so it flows - Creative Energy - a gift given to all who allow it in whatever form it may appear.






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